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Monday, November 19, 2007

I'm Intrigued

Amazon's announcement about Kindle has left me pondering whether this may be my Christmas present to myself this year or if I want to wait awhile and see what the reviewers say. It does appear to be very proprietary which is probably not a good thing. However, it does allow one to download books from Amazon, read their favorite blogs, and their favorite newspapers. It's light-weight, works with the same wireless technology that advanced cell phones use, and uses e-ink. The librarian in me cringes that their bookmarking method is "dog-earring" the page. I'll probably wait to purchase because I'd hate to be one of those persons who bought it right before they announce a big price reduction such as the one with those iPhones earlier this year; however, I've been debating getting one of these for road trips, especially when flying.



  • I'm saving my pennies to get an EEE PC (also $399) - a full-fledged computer that weighs less than 2 pounds with a 7" color screen and a full-size keyboard. I'll use the built-in Wifi capability to download books from Bartelby and Project Gutenberg (among others) in between making Skype calls (built-in webcam, mic and speakers) to the grandkids and posting articles to Family Matters from my favorite table in the Barnes and Noble Cafe.

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