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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Amory Wal-Mart Needs "Green" Education

I was talking to my mom before I left Tennessee about how nice those reusable green grocery bags--the ones made of cloth--are for shopping. She said that she had not seen them in her area so when I arrived in Amory, I brought her several that I'd purchased in Tennessee. We took them with us to Wal-Mart when we went grocery shopping. It was a great idea, but it didn't achieve the green bags intended goal of reducing plastic bags. You see, the girl operating the register didn't have a clue what the bags were. She bagged everything in those plastic bags and then put them down in the green bags. I just had to laugh, but at the same time it was sad. It's sad that this Wal-Mart hasn't followed others in offering these to their customers. I'm told that the Wal-Mart stores in our area offer the green bags. I don't understand why the company has not sent these out to all the stores and why their employees haven't been educated about the use of these. I know that some people like to use these bags as trash can liners, but you can end up with too many plastic bags--more than you can ever use as a liner.



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