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Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Productive Saturday

There were two things that were on today's agenda, and I accomplished both tasks. The first thing was laundry. I noticed from Facebook status updates that I was not the only person with this on today's "to-do" list. I'm happy to report that all my clothes with the exception of those that I'm presently wearing are clean! The second thing on my agenda was the more genealogical driven task. I wanted to complete three of the four syllabi for FGS 2009 before my spring break begins on Thursday. I managed to get those three in final format today. (I will confess that I've been working on them off and on for awhile.) I've got a good start on the fourth syllabus, but I want to take a little more time with it. There's so much information I could include, but I've got to limit it to just four pages. I want to make sure that I include the things that will be most useful to those attending the presentation for future reference.

I've been introduced to the Bejeweled Blitz application on Facebook. It's a game with a one minute time limit. I honestly think that I'm at a distinct disadvantage over most folks because I usually use my laptop keyboard and trackpad rather than a real mouse. I haven't got the hang of it with that time limit yet, but I'm sure that practice will improve my results.

Now it is time to get organized for research on spring break! I've already got a list of documents I need to get at the North Carolina State Archives. I've also got a to-do list on a Mississippi project for the courthouses in a couple of counties (if I have time to check out both).



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