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Saturday, April 07, 2007


It's cold! It's finally made it to 38 today, but when I woke up it was only 24. It had snowed overnight. It even snowed a little more this morning. I had to wait awhile before removing the cover from my plants because it was just too cold before sunrise to do it. Yesterday, they were saying it could be as cold as 15 tonight. Then they adjusted it to 18. Now it appears they think it will only get to 22. This is the coldest "Dogwood Winter" I've seen in a long time. We're setting record lows (or coming close).

In the midst of the cold, I decided to do a little indexing. This morning I was able to get one batch in Itawamba County, Mississippi where ancestors lived and one batch in Walker County, Alabama where ancestors lived. They ran out of Mississippi and Alabama so I decided to just hit the random choice. I've been indexing New York state. For the most part, it is very readable. I had one batch that was a little illegible, but most of them have been good writing. It's very interesting to see the ethnic composition of the communities. I've mostly had batches out of Warren and Ulster Counties. In Warren, I've had a lot of Irish and French Canadians. I've also had some Swedes and Norwegians among those I've indexed today. The most humorous location was given under the birth location of the named person's father. The birthplace was listed as "Road Island." It made me wonder if my Rathbone (also spelled Rathbun) ancestors who settled Block Island, Rhode Island in 1661 ever spelled it that way!

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