Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Another Year Begins

Carson-Newman students began arriving over the weekend. Classes begin tomorrow morning. I've been busy preparing for classes and trying to get a few things done before school begins.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Brumley Tries Cross Stitch

This morning I was cross-stitching. The phone rang so I put my cross stich on the arm of the couch to answer it. It was my Mom. She was telling me about Dad having fallen and injured this week. All of a sudden, Brumley looked at the cross stitch with the needle and thread sticking out of it and started batting at it a couple of times. I just burst out laughing, right in the middle of her telling me all the serious stuff. I told her I wasn't laughing at her but at Brumley. She continued her story. When she finished, I told her what Brumley had done. She started laughing too (although she did ask if the needle had injured him). Glad she understood why I couldn't control myself.

Sunday, August 08, 2004


I haven't been blogging much this past week. Just busy with other things. I was contacted by another researcher regarding my Dearborn line and needed to get my stuff for that line off paper and into my database so I could really see what I had on it. I got at least the more immediate part of that line into the database since we were primarily concerned with Deacon Nathan Dearborn and his second wife Lucy Perkins. i even began searching some new census records to locate additional information and document it. I've got a lot to work on there.

I also worked a bit on my Harris line. This was prompted by a query from one of the descendants of one of my great grandmother's brothers. It happened to be a line that I hadn't gone back and fully researched so I decided it was time to work on that one! There are actually a few other lines with that one that I have unverified info that I need to verify and get into my database. File folders abound with to do stuff! LOL