Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Brooklyn on Fire

Levy, Lawrence H. Brooklyn on Fire. New York: Broadway Books, 2016.

Mary Handley is a female private investigator. When her brother is arrested for the murder of his girlfriend, an actress, she sets out to prove his innocence. The plot quickly weakens as the author begins dropping names of New York's upper crust, even engaging Mary to George Vanderbilt. It simply is not believable even though some of the novel is based on real events, and those characters are included, including the investigative team of Mary Handley and Superintendent Campbell. With the exception of the believability factor, the mystery itself is plotted well enough. The final few chapters leave an opening that many of the characters will make repeat appearances in future installments, once again being interviewed by Mary in her investigations. This review is based on an Advance Review Copy provided by the publisher through NetGalley for review purposes.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Frontier in Transition: A History of Southwestern Colorado

O'Rourke, Paul M. Frontier in Transition: A History of Southwestern Colorado. Denver: Colorado State Office, Bureau of Land Management, 1980.

This government publication contains the following chapters:

  1. The Natural Setting and Its Relation to Historic Development
  2. The Ancient Ones
  3. Exploration and the Fur Trade
  4. The Great Reconnaissance and the Rediscovery of the Southwest
  5. The Utes in Southwestern Colorado: A Confrontation of Cultures
  6. Early Mining and Transportation in Southwestern Colorado
  7. The Permanent Settlement of Southwestern Colorado
  8. Transportation and Mining, 1881-1920
  9. Ranching and Agriculture: The Economic Diversification of Southwestern Colorado
  10. The Federal Government in Southwestern Colorado
  11. Southwestern Colorado in the Modern Era

This volume is available at many Federal Depository libraries and online through the FDLP.