Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Land of the Five Flavors

Hollmann, Thomas O. The Land of the Five Flavors: A Cultural History of Chinese Cuisine. New York: Columbia University Press, 2013.

This book takes a look at the history of Chinese cuisine. The title led me to believe that I would be looking at a more regional approach to this history, but it was a more blended approach, showing how regions influenced other regions and later how even the world influenced the cuisine. The book even showed how agricultural influences from other countries were implemented. It took a look at how economic and political factors were also influential. It also takes a look at modern dining habits, including fast foods from Western culture. It includes quotations from Chinese literature. Citations are mainly in text ones. It's very academic in tone with a good bibliography and index provided. Recommended for those with an interest in ethnic cuisines or Chinese culture. Review is based on an advance e-galley provided by the publisher through NetGalley.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Tennessee Bibliography for 2012

Each year, the Tennessee Library Association produces a bibliography of publications from the prior year which is published in their publication Tennessee Libraries. Fortunately this publication is accessible free of charge. The 2012 Bibliography appeared in volume 63, no. 4 (2013). It contains several publications of interest to genealogists. Please take a moment to look through the bibliography and find items that might help you in your research.

Here is a link to 2012 and to prior years:







2007 Juvenile

2006 (PDF)

2005 (PDF)

2004 (PDF)

2003 (PDF)

2002 (PDF)

2001 (PDF)

2000 (PDF)

1999 (PDF)

1998 (PDF)

1996 (PDF)

1995 (PDF)

1995 (i.e. 1994) (PDF)

1994 (i.e. 1993) (PDF)

1993 (i.e. 1992) (PDF)

There are a couple of earlier ones at the site, but I could not get them to display properly so I will let you look for those yourself if you really want them.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Shadows of Death

Dams, Jeanne M. Shadows of Death. New York: Severn House, 2014.

Dorothy & Alan are once again vacationing. This time it is on the Orkney Islands. The benefactor of an archaeological dig on a remote island is found dead at the site. Alan is asked to assist  in the investigation as the local constabulary are tied up with a terrorist threat. It's a small pool of suspects. Alan and Dorothy realize that someone is planting red herrings to try to deter them from the investigation. One key person goes missing. No one knows for sure if he's dead or alive. They also get assistance from the vicar's wife. While the mystery is pretty good, it didn't quite work for me on the plausibility level. I would love for the author to let Dorothy and Alan stay at home in Sherebury for the next installment in this series. It's beginning to seem like they never stay at home, and I do miss the locals there. This review is based on an electronic copy received through the publisher from NetGalley with the expectation of a review.