Monday, October 31, 2005

Sanders Leaving

I made a prediction the other day that we were going to see some offensive coaching changes for the Vols. Randy Sanders, offensive coordinator, has submitted his resignation as offensive coordinator immediately and as quarterbacks coach at the end of the regular season. Randy has a long history with the Vols. He's been there 22 years total (quarterback, graduate assistant, coach). A lot of folks are speculating that Coach Cutcliffe [Free online registration required] (whom Sanders replaced as offensive coordinator) will return to the position. I, like many others, have mixed feelings about this. It's not really Randy's fault, but then who is to blame? The players themselves have accepted responsibility. I stand by my statement that we need some changes. Our wide receivers have not been getting the job done. Our running backs have been less than spectacular all year. Essentially we have no running game. When we bring a new OC in, perhaps he can address the needs in these areas. I'm not sure that Sanders stepping down was the solution; although I can almost equally say that I'm not sure that it won't solve the problem down the road. I do think that it is unfortunate that it has happened mid-season which leaves us with split offensive play calling duties for the remainder of the season. NOW - that IS NOT the solution. I'd rather see Sanders continue to call the plays than to have this shared thing that is only going to lead to greater confusion on the field.

All I can say now is, "GO VOLS. BEAT THE FIGHTING IRISH."

Homemaking in the Late 19th Century

LINK - The "Headmistress/Zookeeper" over at "The Common Room" has a delightful post about an old book on homemaking which dates to the late 19th century which belonged to her great-grandmother. This one is worth a read.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Most & Least Religious Colleges & Universities

LINK - An interesting post by Leland Meitzler at Genealogy Blog.

It's interesting that a college with the name "Wesleyan" in its name would be on the list of least religious.

Auburn University is probably the most surprising inclusion on the most religious list.

Students Unprepared for College

LINK - "Tall, Dark, and Mysterious" has a very interesting rant about the quality of students colleges are receiving. It is nice to see that the problems we see at the college where I teach are not unique to our situation. There does seem to be an illiteracy problem among some of our "admits."

NYGBS in Financial Trouble?

LINK - Leland Meitzer at Genealogy Blog is reporting that there are rumors that New York Genealogical and Biographical Society is selling its building and moving to a smaller one. No word of what will happen to its research library. I hope it isn't so. This echoes of the problems NGS was having awhile back.

UNC & Slavery

LINK - Dick Eastman reports that the University of North Carolina is opening up its early records showing that the campus employed slave labor in its construction and that many faculty and administrators were slave owners. Not really all that surprising of a thing in a slave state IMHO. He contains a link to a fuller version of the story.

Photos of Wakefield

LINK - All family historians LOVE old photos. Beebe Memorial Library in Wakefield, Massachusetts has created an online collection depicting the town's history.

You Know You're a Stitcher When . . .

You think the X-Files is a show about cross-stitching.

Your car knows how to get to Michael's all by itself.

You hear on the news that the police confiscated a large stash from a
suspect's house and wonder when floss possession became illegal.

You know that UFO really stands for UnFinished Object and have no idea what
those NASA people are talking about.

You get party invitations with "please leave stitch projects at home"
written under the RSVP line.

Your family finds floss tails in their dinner.

You missed boarding your airplane because you had to finish off one more

You realize you should have bought Rubbermaid stock.

You see a brilliant rainbow and know the DMC numbers for each colour.

You have new floss release dates written in your daytimer.

(Found on RCTN)

Congratulations Peyton Manning!

LINK - The retirement of Peyton's #16 jersey has been long overdue. It is a well-deserved honor. Wasn't it great to see Coach Cutcliffe back on the field? (Okay - it was only for Peyton's ceremony, but I'm still ticked at the way Ole Miss treated him.)

It's just a shame that we saw a repeat of a loss to Spurrier with Peyton in the stadium. Spurrier was with a different team, and we have different quarterbacks, but the outcome was the same -- a loss. WE NEED A RUNNING GAME. I think we are either going to see a complete offensive staff turnover or at least new coaches at running backs and wide receivers positions next year.

Forbes on Blogging

LINK - Forbes Magazine is getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere because of its "Attack of the Blogs" article.

LaShawn Barber offers her reaction.

Female Elk Shortage in Smokies

LINK - There's a shortage of female elks in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. [Free online registration is required to view the article.]

Neat Mystery Fabric Sale

LINK - Only through November 6, Silkweavers is having a sale on fabrics. There are mystery bags available as well as other options where you select a type of fabric and they select the colors. I've always loved "grab bags" so I couldn't resist ordering the medium mystery bag. I also ordered a couple of other pieces. (via Kiwi Jo)


LINK - It's a wiki-based "encyclopedia of Biblical Christianity." (via It Takes a Church)

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Stand Up!

Roger Bennett encourages all Christians to stand up for what we believe! I've had some of the same thoughts. This is worth a read!