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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One Hot Summer Day

Several years ago, I was in Holmes County, Ohio during a very hot week in the summer. I believe it may have been near the 4th of July. As we were driving through the countryside, we stopped at the Ashery Country Store near Mt. Eaton which is a very nice little store that sells bulk goods, baked goods, cheeses, deli meats, etc. On that day, they were making homemade ice cream outside the store. The thing that I remember most is the dog that was standing nearby to lick up all the ice cream that was sliding off the cones. One little boy held his cone out for the dog to lap up. The dog apparently knew he wasn't supposed to partake because he looked at it longingly and didn't indulge. However, when a little slid to the ground later, the dog lapped it right up!

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