Sunday, August 08, 2004


I haven't been blogging much this past week. Just busy with other things. I was contacted by another researcher regarding my Dearborn line and needed to get my stuff for that line off paper and into my database so I could really see what I had on it. I got at least the more immediate part of that line into the database since we were primarily concerned with Deacon Nathan Dearborn and his second wife Lucy Perkins. i even began searching some new census records to locate additional information and document it. I've got a lot to work on there.

I also worked a bit on my Harris line. This was prompted by a query from one of the descendants of one of my great grandmother's brothers. It happened to be a line that I hadn't gone back and fully researched so I decided it was time to work on that one! There are actually a few other lines with that one that I have unverified info that I need to verify and get into my database. File folders abound with to do stuff! LOL

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