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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I'm in Trouble Now

Late this afternoon, I went to the mailbox to retrieve the mail. A kitten (and a dog) followed me down the driveway. I needed to get something out of the car, and the kitten started climbing my legs. It was obvious that the kitten was scared of something. It was so tense. I picked it up and began petting it. It followed me to the door. I picked it up and petted it again and put it down. Brumley was watching me out the window. When I opened the door, the kitten followed me into the house. I could see Brumley did not like this one bit. I picked the kitten up, tried to console it, debated calling the vet listed on the rabies tag (which happens to the one we use) and inquire about the owner but decided that it was the kitten who had followed kids trick or treating on Halloween and figured it was close to home, then I put it back out. Brumley was keeping his distance. A few minutes later, the dog was barking outside. I went to see what was going on, and the kitten came into the house again. I put her back out. Brumley was not happen. Ever since the incident, he has been keeping his distance or hissing at me. I have a feeling I'll be sleeping alone tonight! (No furry friend to sleep with me!)


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