Thursday, April 21, 2005

Luther G. Presley's Songs

In an article talking about the donation of historical materials a descendant of the famed Luther G. Presley left the University of Central Arkansas' Archives, there is a brief mention that Gospel songwriter Luther G. Presley's song collection will also be donated to the university's archives.

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sunshine said...

Hi, my name is Michelle and I am doing research in finding someone to help me understand more about this very old "Heavenly Hymns" songbook, it isn't like the ones sold on ebay and amazon right now, I actually looks like a "rough draft copy", I found it in an attic of a house I bought several years ago and I actually used it for along time, now that Im older and know better, I am scared of hurting it any so Itry not to handle it. Would you happen to know anyone that could help me with this? I have pics I can email of it and so here is my email, please feel free to email me back anytime and I will send pictures of this fragile, old, beautiful piece:)

Thanks again,