Saturday, August 12, 2006

Perpetual Speeder

When I visited Yahoo! this morning I saw a headline that captured my attention: Arizona Driver Gets 70 Speeding Tickets in Five Months. I immediately wondered why this person had not had her drivers license revoked long before she hit 70 tickets. (Actually I suspected it was a male until I read the article. My apologies, men, for making a false assumption.) Anyway, she appears to have always been running late for meetings with clients and just kept throwing away her tickets. Her fines could add up to $11,000 (I'm surprised it's not more) and she could lose her license. It sounds like they should require her to take "Driver's Ed" before she's allowed back on the road. I (like Glenn) am not a fan of those traffic light cameras, but I just can't imagine anyone being stupid enough to get 70 tickets in 5 months and toss them all in the garbage thinking they'd just "go away".

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