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Monday, May 21, 2007

Back from NGS

I spent last week at the National Genealogical Society's Conference in the States in Richmond, Virginia. It was a great conference. I only had a few minor complaints. The syllabus and program book needed a better proofreader. They didn't schedule shuttles often enough during the hours when most folks were leaving for the outlying hotels. Most of the area near the conference seemed to be boarded up so it was at least a mile to an area where you could get food at a reasonable price. The convention center's skyway to the Marriott made you go too far out of your way to get to the sessions being held there so most of us dodged the traffic along 5th Street. The exhibits were numbered consecutively instead of by aisle, and there was no map in the program book showing where exhibits were. This made it particularly difficult to locate some of the exhibitors who were not on the main floor, but you had to "guess" which aisle to go down if you only wanted to hit one exhibitor quickly between a session to pick up something that a speaker had promoted. It was a great conference though, and none of those things kept it from being enjoyable.



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