Sunday, July 15, 2007

On Lighthouses . . .

I've always been fascinated by lighthouses . . . probably because I never grew up by the water. Amy has a great post about a lighthouse that is up for grabs. It sparked a lot of reminscences.

One of my favorite gospel songs of all time is Ronny Hinson's The Lighthouse. I first heard the song sometime around 1971, probably on the Gospel Singing Jubilee. I loved that show and would get up every Sunday morning just to watch Howard & Vestal and the other Happy Goodmans, the Florida Boys, and whoever else might happen to be on the program that week. I really got to know the song when The Gospel Lads performed it. They were originally based out of California but moved to Joplin, Missouri at some point to work out of the Revival Fires television ministry. I'd also watch Revival Fires on television just so I'd see the Gospel Lads perform.

Oh . . . back to lighthouses . . . The first one that I saw in person was the Biloxi lighthouse in Mississippi. It sits in the middle of the highway (or at least it did before Katrina). I saw it several months before Camille struck the coast the first time. I've seen many lighthouses since then.

The Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego

There is a lighthouse that I really want to see. It sits on land that my ancestors once owned on Block Island. It's the Southeast Light.

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