Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Would You Want Christmas to Always Be on a Monday?

Or New Year's Eve to be on a non-specified day of the week? Or your birthday to always be celebrated on the same day of the week? Under a new proposal, that's what would happen. Leap year day would be celebrated on a non-specified day of the week between June and July every 4 years. February would have 30 days. The number of days in March, May, and August would be reduced to 30. New Year's day would always fall on a Sunday. (Thanks to LaDonna Gardner for pointing out this interesting proposal.)

I just hope that it isn't adopted. I love picking out new calendars. I'd get tired of the same pictures year after year. Under this proposal, my birthday would always be on a Saturday. How boring! Can you imagine the amount of computer programming that it would take to accommodate such a proposal? I don't think it will be implemented by 2012 for that very reason alone. I hope it's never implemented.

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