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Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's Football Time in Tennessee

Kick-off is in about 30 minutes. Last year at this time, I was watching the game at a restaurant in Boston with a fellow Tennessean beside me. On my right side was an ESPN free-lance broadcaster who was currently covering baseball but would later be covering football. On our left was a couple from South Carolina who were taking their daughter to college in Boston. They had graduated from the college of our opponent on that day, University of California (Berkeley). The opponent is the same today as it was last year except that the game is in California instead of Knoxville this time. We won last year. I hope the outcome is the same once again. Ainge has a broken pinky. Everyone expects to see our backup quarterback Jonathan Crompton on the field at some point, but they say Ainge is playing. GO VOLS!

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