Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back Home

I had planned to go to Mississippi for Thanksgiving last week, but I ended up leaving a little earlier because of my uncle's death. I drove from East Tennessee to the Mobile Bay area to pick up my cousin's wife before heading to north Mississippi. My cousin had gone when the hospital called which left her without a way to get to the funeral. She'd stayed behind because of appointments she needed to keep. Let me just say that the weather was gorgeous down there! We made it to Amory in time for the last 30 minutes of the visitation on Tuesday night. The funeral was on Wednesday. On Thursday, my cousin brought me a bag of old family photos! Needless to say, I was thrilled to get the photos, but sorry for the circumstances. However, I know that Uncle Bud was an independent person and did not want to go into a nursing home. He was able to maintain his independence until the end. God honored his wishes. We found comfort in knowing that he'd been able to live his life as he wished and in knowing that the suffering was for a brief time. I'll get back to my regular routine of blogging in a day or two.

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