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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Checking the Facts

As I was cataloging books today, I came across a typewritten sheet inserted into a book. It's heading read "The Lord's Prayer." The following claim was made:

The following beautiful version of this prayer was found at Corinth, Mississippi by A. P. Green of Auburn, Indiana on the morning of May 30, 1862, just as the Confederate forces evacuated the city. These lines were printed on very heavy satin bearing the date of July 4, 1823.

This seemed to me to be a pre-Internet version of one of those nice inspirational things that get passed around to "everyone in your address book" with the additional stipulation of "send it back to me." I was curious and decided to see what I could find!

I found nearly the identical text at a church's web site with a claim that it was found in Charleston, South Carolina during the Civil War. They were also found here with the Charleston claim and the additional information about having been printed on satin.

According to this list found at the Dekalb INGenWeb site, there was an Alexander D. Green who was mustered in 25 Oct 1864 and out on 14 Sep 1865. If those were found in 1862, this was not the Green of the poem.

I ran out of time to keep researching to see if there was an A. P. Green from Indiana who could have been in Corinth (or Charleston) at the time of one of those battles. I just didn't have time to check all the regimental histories and check surrounding counties, so what I'm doing is inviting other genealogists to see if we can verify the claims of this or if we can disprove them!

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