Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Odds & Ends

I had intended to post something to the blog yesterday, but I just ran out of time. Yesterday would have been my maternal grandmother's 112th birthday if she had lived that long. I had intended to post some sort of tribute to her. I'll save that for another time when I have the time to do a good post.

Yesterday I received a friend request from deceased genealogical fraudster Gustave Anjou on Facebook. It amazes me that anyone would want to be the friend of someone who fabricated so many genealogies, but alas, 44 of my friends were friends of his the last time I checked. I do wonder who would even want to pretend to be him on Facebook.

Tonight I've been chasing down the history of a family that lived in this area. One of my colleagues had received some information from another researcher that indicates that the family moved to this area from Scott County, Virginia. However, there is a rather odd migration pattern in that the person who sent her the information claims the Scott County family descend from someone who was in Charleston, South Carolina. In my experience, most of the people settling the Scott County area would have been of Scots-Irish descent and have most likely entered the country through Philadelphia. I've been tracing the family backwards out of Hamblen County into Grainger, Hancock, and Hawkins County. I have not quite made the connection to Scott County, Virginia as there is a problem which needs to be resolved first. (It's really a fairly significant problem in attaching the known person with his alleged parents.) I (or my colleague) will probably have to travel to resolve the issue although I'll try two LDS films that might give me at least part of the information I need to resolve the problem. I've also been studying the neighbors to see what clues they might yield.


Becky Wiseman said...

Lori - I received a friend request from Gustave Anjou also. Recognizing the name, I ignored the request. It's hard to believe so many genealogists would "friend" him - unless they either don't know about him or they are playing along with some kind of joke, albeit a rather sick joke.

Linda Jones said...

Lori --
What a coincidence. Yesterday was my mother's 92 birthday and her great granddaughter's 11 birthday!
Linda Jones