Friday, May 22, 2009

Busy Week

I, like many others who attended the NGS Conference in Raleigh, have been playing catch-up this week. I was unable to keep up with e-mail, blog reading, and many other things, and it took a few days to catch up on the backlog. I also followed up on a few new items on my agenda after the Raleigh conference. You'll probably be hearing the results of one of those after a few more details are ironed out. My main focus this week has been to get my presentations for a conference that begins June 8 in order and to write an article to accompany one of those. I was able to get the article written and have gone through and edited it a couple of times. The PowerPoint for the one presentation is done. The second presentation will be more use of a live Internet connection than PowerPoint, although I do plan to do quite a few screen captures just in case the connection goes down. I'm feeling much better about those presentations. I also got a book review written that needed to be done for LibraryThing Early Reviewers. I'm presently trying to get the one done for the LibraryThing Member Giveaway because I have two books on the way from Tennessee Library Association to review for their publication Tennessee Libraries. One of the deadlines is in July; the other is in September on those. Both titles will be nice additions to my personal library for historical research. The other thing I hope to accomplish today and tomorrow is to make some progress on a couple of genealogical reports that need to be written. I need to write one which will eventually become an article so that I can spot any holes in the research. The other needs to be written before I make another on-site visit to obtain more records. I have that visit scheduled for the last part of June. Writing it up will help me spot any records that I may be missing from the first visit before moving on to the next county to obtain more records.

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