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Friday, April 01, 2011

George Washington's Legacy

As I was cataloging books today, I stumbled across a volume entitled George Washington's Legacy: The Towns Named in His Honor by Donald E. Howard which had been donated to our library. While the first portion of the book is biographical, the second part is very interesting for persons interested in local history. There are chapters on towns called Washington in North Carolina, New Hampshire, Georgia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, District of Columbia, Mississippi, Ohio (actually this one is Washington Court House), Indiana, and Illinois. Then there is a chapter that gives shorter blurbs on other Washingtons or Washingtons with words added such as Port Washington and Washington Island. There is even one town called "George, Washington" that is listed! The ones that have full length chapters are illustrated with photographs, some of which are historic. My favorite photographs are the ones which accompany the article on Washington, Kentucky.

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