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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In the Blood by Steve Robinson (Book Review)

Robinson, Steve. In the Blood. (A Genealogical Crime Mystery). [Seattle]: Amazon Digital Services, 2011.

Jefferson Tayte (J.T.), a professional genealogist, has been hired to find what happened to the Fairborne family that returned to England in 1783. He has an unrealistic deadline of one week given to him by his client considering all the problems he's encountered researching this line already. Documents are missing, having been stolen, just about everywhere he goes. When he arrives in England, his actions are not so much research-plan driven as they are clue-led based on what the person trying to thwart his plans wants him to do. There is one point where Tayte even leads someone from whom he is trying to gain information to believe that he might share the results with them, even though it is obvious that his contract with his client does not state that it can be shared. I found most of the story line to be somewhat implausible although it did make for a lot of action. The manner in which the story alternated between the past and present did not work well. I would have preferred for the story to unfold as the genealogist uncovered it. This book was quite a disappointment for me. (2 of 5 stars)


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