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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

June 6 update

Sorry that I've been so quiet lately. I really need to force myself to schedule a few posts. I've just been rather busy lately. After returning from the NGS Conference in Cincinnati, I spent a few days at home before heading to Mississippi to spend a little time with Dad. The municipal wifi in his town makes it somewhat challenging to be able to stay connected long enough to write a blog post. When I returned to Tennessee, I had to go to work to do some annual statistics a bit earlier than usual because of an upcoming accreditation visit. The final month of the fiscal year will not be included in the report because it's just beginning. I've also been working on a presentation for next week on Church Records. I've been tweaking it so that it is right for my audience--a librarian crowd rather than genealogists. I'm happy with it now and have uploaded it to Dropbox. I've also got it on my computer and on a jump drive. I don't want to run the risk that Dropbox won't work. Michael LeClerc did a marvelous job when it didn't work for him at the NGS conference, but I don't think I want to be without my slides. Although I might be able to wing it, the visuals reinforce it. We'll actually have live Internet access since it is at a university, but I've done screen captures to speed up the process. I don't want to be constantly clicking and waiting for a site to load.

By the way, the day I was in the library, one of our professors was using some of our archival church materials which he's planning to have his students use next year. He was talking about the difficulties of citatons. I asked him if he'd seen the style guide that genealogists use. He had not, so I introduced him to Evidence Explained. He was quite impressed with the number of examples that were given for the record types encountered and the explanations. He's planning to use it for something he's writing because Chicago doesn't offer as many examples. I also told him about the availability of the 2nd edition as a download.


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