Saturday, October 20, 2012

Amis Mill Eatery

Last night I decided to go visit the Amis Mill Eatery in Rogersville that some of my church friends had been raving about on Facebook -- at least I thought it was in Rogersville. It was really out in the boondocks. It took some winding around some nice hairpin turns on the mountainside to get there.

I saw that they had catfish on their menu. Since I had not had decent catfish since I'd been in East Tennessee (I did grow up in Mississippi--the catfish capital), I decided to try that as a test of how they measured up. I will say that they have the best catfish in East Tennessee that I've tried to date. It doesn't live up to Friendship House in Monroe County, Mississippi which is the "gold standard" as far as I'm concerned. However, it was quite crispy. I think the problem was probably with the catfish itself. Mississippi has catfish on farms. This was probably a channel catfish where the flavor is not quite the same.  However, I do believe that it lives up to its reputation for food quality. I saw several families from our church there.

The drive there was nice. There was color on some of the trees in places. I loved the pastoral scenes between Russellville and "Rogersville." There were some very interesting church buildings that would make great photos. I'll have to go back sometime when I can take my time going there so I can be a photobug!

The above photo shows the waterfall across the road from the Amis Mill Eatery.

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