Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On the naming of babies . . .

I have a new grand-nephew on the way in late summer. My nephew's wife made the announcement on Facebook the other day. I will say that the new one's middle name will be my nephew's first name. The baby's first name, however, is a curiosity. My best guess is that they are naming him "Sawyer" after country music star Sawyer Brown. However, the genealogist in me came up with another explanation. I decided they were using one of the baby's ancestor's occupations as the name. Little Sawyer's 5th great grandfather was enumerated as a sawyer in the 1850 census for Shelby County, Tennessee.

Realistically, I know that my nephew and his wife probably were unaware of this fact in their heritage. I can, however, assure you that they do know about it now. I will always think of James H. M. Allred and the heritage he left behind when I see little sawyer.

By the way, Allred did not remain a sawyer. He is listed as a mechanic and as a farmer in later censuses.

1850-1880 census citations for James Allred:

1850 U.S. federal census, Shelby County, Tennessee, population schedule, 10th civil district, p. 173 (stamped), James Allred, dwelling 1370, family 1370, line 15; NARA microfilm publication M432, roll 895.

1860 U.S. federal census., Fayette County, Alabama, population schedule, Eastern Division, p. 397 (stamped), J. H. M. Alred, dwelling 351, family 353, line 32; NARA microfilm publication M653, roll 9.

1870 U.S. federal census, Fayette County, Alabama, population schedule, Twp 15, Handy post office, p. 416 (stamped), sheet 5 (written), James Alread household, dwelling 38, family 38, line 33; NARA microfilm publication M593, roll 16.

1880 U.S. federal census, Fayette County, Alabama, population schedule, Twp 15, Clear Creek, SD 1, ED 78, p. 462B (stamped), sheet 8 (written), James H.M. Alred, dwelling not given, family 74, line 46; NARA microfilm publication T9, roll 13.

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