Thursday, April 24, 2014

They've Ruined My Easter Candy

When I was growing up, I always loved the variety of Easter candy that would appear in my basket. It usually consisted of jelly beans, chocolate eggs, the hard oval shaped eggs that were a bit hollow but had a marshmallow layer near the top, a few Cadbury eggs, a large chocolate Easter bunny, and malted milk eggs (aka Robin eggs). I must confess that the jelly beans were probably my least favorite because they were usually the cheap ones instead of a good variety such as Jelly Belly. I loved just about anything chocolate, although the bunnies did not usually have a good flavor. I always, however, enjoyed the malted milk eggs. I went to the store a day or two before Easter and purchased a bag of malted milk eggs. I didn't read the packaging very carefully, but when I tasted them, I realized there was some sort of flavor on the shell part. I really wanted plain malted milk eggs. I glanced at the package and still only saw the words "malted milk eggs." This week I was in another store and saw the Easter candy on clearance. I went over to the shopping cart that had malted milk eggs in it. To my disgust, the only variety they had were coconut flavored malted milk eggs. No regular ones at all! I came back home and took out my bag. There in tiny print were the words "ice cream flavor" down at the bottom of the bag. That explains the disgusting taste. I wish I'd just purchased a package of Reese's Cup eggs.

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