Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Naval Documents of the American Revolution

Are you using United States government publications in your genealogical research? If not, you need to add them to your list of tools. Volume 12 of Naval Documents of the American Revolution just happened to cross my desk at work. The focus of this volume includes both the American and European Theaters for the months of April and May 1778.

Let's take a look at a few things that are included in this publication of interest to genealogists.

  • Roll of Officers and Seamen on Board Connecticut Privateer Ship General Putnam as recorded at New London, Connecticut, in May 1778. It includes about 183 men.
  • The journal entry of Capt. George Collier of the H.M. Frigate Rainbow from 1 May 1778 which tells about the weather conditions and the work of taking ships.
  • Several diary entries of Captian Frederick Mackenzie of the British Army.
  • Minutes of the Massachusetts Board of War.
  • Court martial of John Gilfroy, boatswain, of the Pennsylvania Navy on 19 May 1778.
  • Invoices for supplies and other items.
  • Letters
  • Station Bill for Officers of the French Navy Ship of the Line Languedoc from May 1778. This interesting bill includes duties of the officers and enlisted men. It actually tells where each many was stationed and how many pieces of ordnance each had at his station.

These are just a few of the items spotted.in a quick look at a single volume in the series.

You will find this series cataloged in government documents sections at D 207.12: Some libraries may classify it in LC Classification or in Dewey instead of using the SUDOC classification.

You will find the first 11 volumes online at the American Naval Records Society's web site. The new 12th volume has not made its way there yet.

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