Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - 23 Apr 2016

Randy Seaver has asked us all to reminisce with 6 questions about our childhood this week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.

Without further ado, let the fun begin!

What was your first illness as a child?

I honestly have no idea. It was probably something pretty simple like strep throat. I do, however, remember the outbreak of Chicken Pox that went around my classmates in about the third grade.

What was the first funeral you attended?

I am sure I went to almost every funeral that occurred in the family, regardless of how young I was, unless Mom took me to Nanny's house while they went. I really think it was for one of Pappaw's brothers, or maybe for someone in the church. My maternal grandfather died when I was eight at our house, but I had been to many funerals by the time he died. I remember how we used to always sit around the funeral home pretty much all night with the families on the night before the funeral and then attend the funeral the next day. I even remember when the funeral home caught fire. (I was a little older then, but we all went to watch the fire.)

What was your favorite book as a child?

Finally an easy one! I loved the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. While most people would say Little House on the Prairie was their favorite, I preferred Little Town on the Prairie. If you want to go to an even earlier age, my favorite book as a preschooler was There's a Mouse in the House. It was one of those little books you picked up at the dime store. It wasn't a Little Golden Book, but it was a similar series.

What was your favorite class in Elementary School?

I loved our second grade reading class with Mrs. Green. We had little reading groups that we got to name ourselves. I was the leader of the "Popcorn" group. A close runner-up would be third grade math class with Miss Davis. She was so fun!

What was your favorite toy as a child?

My mom always kept me well-supplied with dolls. In fact, my dolls were the envy of at least one of my neighbors. I would have to say that "Baby Tender Love" was probably the one I played with most because my friend Delores also got one that year. My Aunt Daisy sewed outfits for my dolls. My sister-in-law Sandy also made quite a few as well. I'm sure my mom even made a few.

Did you learn how to swim, and where did you learn?

I took swimming lessons from one of Dr. Moore's twin daughters at the Amory Municipal Swimming Pool. I actually became a very good swimmer and often won the races at church camp!

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