Thursday, June 09, 2016

Cumberland Gap Genealogy Jamboree

The Cumberland Gap Genealogy Jamboree begins today in the area through which so many people had ancestors travel. This is a more relaxed genealogy event than many. Outside are crafts, re-enactments, and a few other events. Inside the National Park Visitor Center's auditorium are presentations by known regional and national speakers. The event runs through Saturday.

I won't be attending today's festivities as I'm using the time to do laundry and pack. I have a work-related conference for which I'm leaving as soon as I finish speaking Saturday. Because I plan to attend most of Friday and Saturday, I needed today to get ready (and to spend a little time with my kittens who are quickly becoming full-grown cats).

I'm looking forward to visiting with many friends at the event, but this year's event will be a little sad as Connie won't be there. Connie was from the Evansville, Indiana area and always came. I always enjoyed visiting with her and Lyn at the booth they set up to sell "extra copies" of genealogy books to benefit the Willard Library. A distant "cousin" Mary also usually came and visited. [I say she's a "cousin" even though the connection is not proven. We know it will be there once we discover from which line my ancestor descends. Regardless of the line, we'll end up being related.]

Things will be different, but are things ever "the same" again?

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