Saturday, February 11, 2017

Solo Birthdays

My first birthday.

Birthdays are not quite they once were.When the above photo was taken, my mother lovingly baked the cake. My dad and two brothers were around to help celebrate. This year Mom and Dad are both gone as well as one of my brothers. The other brother is over 6 hours away. None of my friends are available to help me celebrate so I'm all alone. If I want a cake, I must either bake or purchase my own. What good is a cake without someone with whom to celebrate? I certainly don't want birthday cake for the next 3 weeks (if it would even keep that long).

I'm even working on my birthday. A lot of my friends are going to Ballet Magnificat, but they are leaving before I'm off work. I won't be celebrating that way. I decided what I really wanted to do was go eat at Red Lobster. (Garlic shrimp scampi and cheddar bay biscuit craving!) I reached out to friends, but none were available. So now I get to try to celebrate my birthday all alone.

As the timeline posts are probably at 100 or more (if you count the ones done as comments) and will probably exceed 200 or even 300 by day's end, the real card count is at one and the e-card count is at one (from an e-card company instead of an individual). Birthdays just aren't the same after your Mom is gone. I miss her!

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HistoryExplorer said...

Happy belated birthday. It is difficult when there is no family around to remember. This year I primed co-workers and they delivered surprises - made my day.