Monday, October 31, 2005

Sanders Leaving

I made a prediction the other day that we were going to see some offensive coaching changes for the Vols. Randy Sanders, offensive coordinator, has submitted his resignation as offensive coordinator immediately and as quarterbacks coach at the end of the regular season. Randy has a long history with the Vols. He's been there 22 years total (quarterback, graduate assistant, coach). A lot of folks are speculating that Coach Cutcliffe [Free online registration required] (whom Sanders replaced as offensive coordinator) will return to the position. I, like many others, have mixed feelings about this. It's not really Randy's fault, but then who is to blame? The players themselves have accepted responsibility. I stand by my statement that we need some changes. Our wide receivers have not been getting the job done. Our running backs have been less than spectacular all year. Essentially we have no running game. When we bring a new OC in, perhaps he can address the needs in these areas. I'm not sure that Sanders stepping down was the solution; although I can almost equally say that I'm not sure that it won't solve the problem down the road. I do think that it is unfortunate that it has happened mid-season which leaves us with split offensive play calling duties for the remainder of the season. NOW - that IS NOT the solution. I'd rather see Sanders continue to call the plays than to have this shared thing that is only going to lead to greater confusion on the field.

All I can say now is, "GO VOLS. BEAT THE FIGHTING IRISH."

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