Thursday, September 04, 2008

Carnival of Genealogy #55 Is Posted

Jasia over at Creative Gene has posted the 55th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. The theme is "Show and Tell."

Many of you may have noticed that I'll be hosting the 56th edition. The deadline for submissions is September 15. The topic is "10 essential books in my genealogy library." It was actually inspired by a meme that was going around the book bloggers this summer called the "Top 10 Books I Can't Live Without." It will be interesting to see which books each of us find to be our most used books. I suspect that many of us will have a few similar ones, but I also suspect that some of us will have very different ones because of our specific research interests. For example, some of you focus heavily on one ethnic group. You are likely to have at least one title that is indispensable to you in researching that interest. Someone who lacks that ethnicity will likely find something else more useful. It's interesting to browse various genealogists' libraries on LibraryThing, but sometimes when you are seeking one volume on a topic, you wish that you had some way of knowing which title that person thinks is the best. [Most of us are guilty of not rating or reviewing the books we initially cataloged because we were focused on adding all the titles. Hopefully more of us will add reviews and ratings to assist other researchers in determining the worth of a source.] I think it will be fun to see the lists of books created.

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