Friday, September 12, 2008

Sticker Shock at the Pump

Gas prices went up by $1/gallon today in East Tennessee. Prices gradually crept up all day long. I paid $4.50/gallon after work (after I found a gas station that still had gas). People who had gone out at lunch in our "greater Knoxville gas run" said that they waited as long as 45 minutes in line in the small town in which I work. I can't imagine what the lines were like in Knoxville itself. They were predicting prices would climb to $5 before tonight, but when I came in just a few minutes ago, the prices were still $4.50/gallon at the stations that had gas. There were quite a few stations without gas. We are fortunate that Knoxville is home to Pilot Corporation. They sent out trucks to other areas to bring gas to the Knoxville area. They have also managed to get a pipeline shipment scheduled for Sunday evening rather than having to wait until Tuesday. From what I hear, it is the independent stations that are really having supply issues. Of course, the "run" on gas didn't help matters. I had a half tank so I just topped mine off, but it costs a fortune when gas is that high! It is time to sit at home or to return to my Amish roots and get a horse and buggy! Since it would cost too much to mow the grass, I'd just have to be really creative to get that horse to graze in just the right spots!


Ally said...

apparently Tallahassee is already out of gas too... Not sure over in our area - didn't hear anyone talking about this til my parents asked me how much gas I had in my car when I talked to them this evening... (almost a full tank - bought on the way home - and driving 2 minutes to and from work all week without going out of town doesn't take it down very far in a Honda Civic - in fact its still ABOVE the full line, lol)

Lori Thornton said...

Sounds like you are very close to your job. It's a little different when you are about 10 miles away and get to go over some of those mountainous foothills! I don't think I could ride a bicycle to work without having to get off and walk up at least 4 hills. There'd be an extra one coming back because I live on top of one of those!