Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quick & Dirty Genealogy Research from the Hospital Room

I've been curious for a long time whether or not the Winsteads in Hamblen County, Tennessee are related to my Winstead line or not. My Winstead line is far enough back that I haven't really researched it very much, but I decided to just look at WorldConnect to see if I could determine if others have thought we have a common ancestor. Please realize that all of this needs to be documented and verified, and I'm not at all convinced that there are not errors in the trees I found on WorldConnect even though they do have a bit of documentation (not very thorough but more than most and with better quality resources than most). However, I did discover that we quite possibly share a common ancestor named Samuel Winstead who was born about 1701 in Northumberland County, Virginia. These sources show that Samuel had four wives. The Hamblen County Winsteads appear to be from one of the later wives whereas mine appear to be from an earlier. I really want to make certain that the sources have not confused multiple Samuels with one another because there is a very wide spread in children's ages.

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