Thursday, August 16, 2012

6th Great Grandaunt

In honor of her 325th birthday, I decided to blog about my sixth great grandaunt today, mostly to see what I could uncover about her in a short time. Susanna Andrews was born 16 August 1687 to Joseph Andrews and Sally Ring/Rindge in Chebacco Parish, Essex County, Massachusetts. (1) This is all that I really knew about her besides the fact that she married someone with the surname Foster before 1725 which was also mentioned in the article. She married Benjamin Foster on 23 August 1711 in Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts. (2)

This same source lists five children: Thomas, Hannah, Rachel, Benjamin, and Susanna. (2) One tree at the Wainwright Family of Essex County, Massachusetts site lists a total of 9 children. (It even has sources.)

I did not quickly spot a death date or additional information, but I now have some information which may help me gather additional documentation on this family. I also discovered an alternate spelling for the surname Andrews ("Andross") which I might not have found in an online search and could possibly have found in a printed index if Andross followed Andrews or was near it alphabetically.

(1) "Descendants of John Andrews of Ipswich" (Essex Antiquarian, vol. 3, no. 7 (July 1899): 97-103; available online at by subscription.), p. 98.
(2) Benjamin Foster-Susanna Andross marriage, Massachusetts, Town Vital Records Collections, 1620-1988, digital image,, : 7 August 2012.

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