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Enumerated on this Day in 1860

Most of us know that the date census information is collected is often not the date of the actual census. Such was the case in 1860 for my ancestor and relatives living in Windsor Township, Morgan Co., Ohio. The official date was 1 June 1860, but the date they were actually enumerated was 8 August 1860. Which relatives were living there at that time?

Lucy Perkins Dearborn (b. 1791 in New Hampshire; d. 1870 in Morgan Co., Ohio; widow of Nathan Dearborn)
Her daughter, Margaret Ann Dearborn Mann (b. 8 July 1822)
Her son-in-law, Rufus Putnam Mann (b. 10 Dec 1816; d. 14 Apr 1865)
Her grandchildren: Henry Mann (b. 18 Oct 1843); Lucy Mann (b. 30 Aug 1846); Nathan Dearborn Mann (b. 7 Jan 1849); and Clara Mann (b. 1 Feb 1860)

There is also a Betsy J. Mann, age 20 in the household, who may have been a sister or niece to Rufus. (I guess that is one of those things that I need to go back and check.)

The family had lost 3 children earlier in the year to scarlet fever:  George B. Mann (b. 11 Nov 1851; d. 19 Apr 1860); Lydia Augusta Mann (b. 9 Feb 1854; d. 16 Apr 1860), and Alice Eliza Mann (b. 25 Mar 1857; d. 3 May 1860).*

Selected Sources:

1860 U.S. Federal Census, population schedule, Rufus P. Mann household, Windsor Township, Morgan County, Ohio, dwelling 251, family 250, p. 268; National Archives micropublication M653, roll 1096.

 * Davis, George L. Samuel Davis, of Oxford, Mass., and Joseph Davis, of Dudley, Mass., and Their Descendants. North Andover, Mass.: George L. Davis, 1884, pp. 311-312.

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