Friday, December 14, 2012

Family Tapestry

Yamamoto, Barbara Maley. Family Tapestry: An Examination of Family Histories, Immigration, Personal Choices, & Heredity. Ill. by Mary Lou Johnson. San Luis Obispo, CA: Dandy Lion Publications, 1998.

This is a collection of reproducible handouts designed for teaching students in grades 6-8. The handouts cover topics relating to social studies, primarily in the study of family history and immigration, and biological aspects of DNA. The book was published in 1998 and as such does not reflect much of the current genealogical understanding of DNA. Most of the information is not really incorrect, it could just be supplemented by some newer material to add to the foundation built with the biological understanding of DNA. The activities provide some great prompts for discussing family history with children of this age. Although the handouts are licensed only for single-classroom use, the book could be used as a workbook in another setting or at home for a child showing interest in his family history.  (4 stars)

This is part of our Friday series on children's literature and genealogy. 

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