Friday, December 07, 2012

Two Continents, Four Generations

Hays, Peter and Rozen, Beti. Two Continents, Four Generations: One Hundred Years, Two Stories. Ill. by Carlos Manuel Diaz Consuegra. 1st English ed. Fort Lee, N.J.: Panamerica Editorial, 2010.

Louis has a school assignment about his family history. He has no interest in his assignment, but his mother becomes very excited as she recalls the story of her Jewish grandfather's immigration from Poland to Brazil just before Poland is captured by the Nazi and his family's escape from Poland just in the nick of time.  The story alternates between 1939 and 2004. The historical portions of the book work far better than the present. The present simply does not flow and is not very plausible.  This one can be skipped by most readers unless the family has a similar migration pattern.    (2.5 stars)

This is a part of our Friday series on children's literature and genealogy. Please note that his book was originally published as Dos continentes, cuatro generaciones in May 2009.  If you have a Spanish speaking child, this story might be useful.

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