Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Children of Samuel Lantz

I have decided to continue working with Samuel Lantz's family (see last week's entries) to bring it forward as much as possible with available records.  In this post, I'm going to summarize some of the data from the previous posts. (The citations are available from those two posts.)

In the 1900 census. Samuel's wife Elizabeth is listed as the mother of 9 chilren, 7 still living. The two deceased children never made it onto a census. I will add those two (with rough citations) to the list.

Samuel and Elizabeth's nine children are:

1. Sidney F. Lantz (b. 20 May 1872, Howard Co., Ind.; d. 4 Aug 1872, Howard Co., Ind.; bur. Amish Family Cemetery, Howard Co., Ind.) [See http://www.khcpl.org/glhs/cemeteryIndex/ijkl.html ; I have a transcription from a cemetery book that I cannot find and which is apparently not in my database. The transcription itself was dated in 1968, as I recall.  It is probably Gorman, James L. Cemetery Inscriptions of Eastern Howard County, Indiana: Including the Townships of Howard, Jackson, Liberty, Taylor, and Union. (Kokomo, Ind.: Selby, 1991). The cemetery is located at 400 N and 590 E and is sometimes also called Lantz Cemetery. It is very small. I have been unable to locate this cemetery on more than one visit. All the recorded burials in this cemetery are related to me.

2.  Ira Lantz (b. 16 July 1873, Howard Co., Ind.; d. 16 July 1873, Alameda Co., Calif.) - I'll be providing documentation on him later this week.

3. Nancy Selina Lantz (b. 11 Jan 1875, St. Joseph Co., Mich.)

4. Ora Rebecca Lantz (b. 22 Oct 1876, St. Joseph Co., Mich.; d. 1907)

5. Levi Joseph Lantz (b. 18 Sep 1878, St. Joseph Co., Mich.)

6. Elmer J. Lantz (b. 26 Oct 1880, St. Joseph Co., Mich.)

7. Maud Lantz (b. 20 Dec 1882, Johnson Co., Mo.; d. 25 Jul 1884, Johnson Co., Mo.; bur. Holden Cemetery, Johnson Co., Mo.) [Email from Daynell McCall, 15 June 2002. She is a descendant of Maud's brother, Levi Joseph. Maud is not included in this cemetery at FindAGrave.]

8. Budd Lantz (b. 20 Dec 1882, Johnson Co., Mo.)

9. Jessie Mabel Lantz (b. 2 Jun 1890, prob. Madison, Greenwood Co., Kansas)

I'll be reporting findings on each child in later posts with the exception of the two who died young.

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