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Monday, September 17, 2012

Samuel Lantz - Part I

Samuel Lantz was the brother of my great grandfather Abraham Lantz which makes him my great grand-uncle.

The reason I'm posting about Samuel today is because of an apparent mistranslation of an old Pennsylvania Dutch Germanic script that I had recorded in my genealogical database when I received the information from a distant cousin. After I received photocopies of the actual Bible record, I could tell that it appeared to more closely match the word for December than that for September, although it was not an exact match.  Certainly the 1900 census lists December as his birth month. I'm hoping that someone who reads Pennsylvania Dutch or old Germanic scripts can verify the month (which I've been unable to locate in my German dictionary or online German dictionaries).  Here is the relevant snippet of the Bible record:

Levi and Barbara Lantz, Family Bible Record, photocopy of original with missing Bible information provided by Paul Lantz, Crystal Lake, Ill., 2001. [Please note: Paul did not have the original Bible and could not remember from whom he had obtained the copy of the pages.]

I actually knew quite a bit about Samuel, but I had not completed all of my census research to the present day for him.

In 1850 and in 1860, he is enumerated in his father Levi's household.

1850 U.S. Census, Holmes County, Ohio, population schedule, German Twp., Dist. 75, p. 224 (stamped), dwelling 1918, family 1952, line 8, Samuel Lance; NARA microfilm publication M432, roll 696.

1860 U.S. Census, McLean County, Illinois, population schedule, Dry Grove Twp., p. 94 (stamped), dwelling 648, family 632, line 3, Samuel Lantz; NARA microfilm publication M653, roll 204.

In 1870, he is enumerated as the head of a household of a Staubus family that had recently arrived in Illinois within the last 3 years or so from Virginia.

1870 U.S. Census, McLean County, Illinois, population schedule, Danvers Twp., p. 344B (stamped), dwelling 220, family 221, line 1, Samuel Lantz; digital image, ( : 15 Sept 2012); citing NARA microfilm publication M593, roll 259.

Lantz, Samuel E., 21, M, W, Farming, Ohio
Staubus, Matilda, 49, F, W, Keeping house, Virginia
Staubus, Alexander, 17, M, W, Working on farm, Virginia
--, Sarah, 16, F, W, at home, Virginia
--, William, 14, M, W, working on farm, Virginia
--, John, 12, M, W, working on farm, Virginia
--, Mary, 11, F, W, Virginia
--, Elizabeth, 10, F, W, Virginia
--, Luther, 6, M, W, Virginia
--, Alice, 4, F, W, Virginia
--, Lucy, 2, F, W, Illinois

It should be noted that Samuel's father, Levi, had moved to Howard County, Indiana and is enumerated there. His mother, Barbara, is in the 1870 mortality schedules for Howard County, Indiana. [By the way, she is buried in the Amish Family Cemetery which was located on their property in Howard County. It was transcribed in a 1968 publication, but my efforts (and my friend who has relatives in the area and her relatives' efforts) to locate the cemetery have failed. If any reader lives in the area and can find it and photograph the few markers there, I would greatly appreciate it.] My great-grandfather, Abraham, Samuel's brother, had remained in McLean County, Illinois.

Samuel married Elizabeth Kennedy on 27 August 1871 in Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana according to descendants of this line. I do not have an official record and need to obtain one.  Her father is supposed to be a Joseph Kennedy. I have seen her mother listed as both Anna and Nancy Lantz.  Her family claims that she was a minister (at least in later years in Kansas), but none of the censuses list her as being a minister, and I have not had the opportunity to search church records and newspapers which might provide evidence of this.

By 1880, the family had moved to Michigan.

1880 U.S. Census, St. Joseph County, Michigan, population schedule, Mottville Twp., p. 503B (stamped), s.d. 1, enumeration district (ED) 283, sheet 8, dwelling 83, family 84, Samuel Lantz household; Ancestry. com ( : 18 May 2001); citing NARA microfilm publication T9, roll 603.

Lantz, Samuel, W, M, 32, Farmer, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ohio
--, Elizabeth, W, F, 29, wife, Housekeeping, Indiana, Ohio, Ohio
--, Ira, W, M, 6, son, Indiana, Ohio, Indiana
--, Nancy S., W, F, 5, daughter, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana
--, Ora R., W, F. 3, daughter, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana
--, Levi, W, M, 1, son, Michigan, Ohio, Indaina
--, Gepha, W, M, 29, brother, laborer, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio

I found a birth record for one of the children online.

Michigan Births, 1867-1902, p. 182, 22 Oct 1876, record 317; digital image, Family Search ( : 15 Sept 2012); citing FHL film 2320450.

Oct 22, 1876 - Lantz, Ora L. - F, W - birthplace: Mottville; parents: Samuel E. Lantz, res. Mottville, b. Ohio, farmer; Elizabeth Lantz, res. Mottville, b. Indiana.

By the way, family information says that her middle name was Rebecca, so apparently the birth register has an incorrect middle initial. 

By the way, Gepha is really spelled Jeptha. 

More to come  tomorrow . . .


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