Friday, September 14, 2012

Damsels Not In Distress

Today's installment in my juvenile literature reviews is more of a history book than a book about family relationships or genealogical research. I suspect that few budding young genealogists will have documented their story back to the Medieval Period, although there may be a few who can do so with the help of a few adults. If they have, this installment will probably offer them a glimpse at what life might have been like for a female ancestor living in that period.

Hopkins, Andrea. Damsels Not in Distress: The True Story of Women in Medieval Times. (The Library of the Middle Ages.) New York: Rosen Publishing Group, 2004.

This book offers a nice introduction to European women and the role they played during the Middle Ages. It shows that women had more rights than they had at later periods and often served alongside their husbands. The book addresses women of all classes, women in the home, women rulers and leaders, women who became nuns, and women in business. It is a great introduction to younger readers for this period and offers a bibliography of additional resources for further study.  3.5 stars.

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