Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ornament Traditions

I read a most interesting article in this morning's Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal about some of the ornament traditions (see below for link to print version; this link is for the stories only) in various families from the area. The newspaper showed a photo of the tree with more than 1200 ornaments on it! That was not the only tree in the home either. I sure would hate to be the one hanging all those ornaments! There were stories of ornaments that were handed down through families, made from old quilts, and even ones made from Happy Meal toys. There was at least one person who shares my habit of purchasing souvenir ornaments from places I have traveled. I began doing this because I simply don't have the space for mugs and such, and it is easier to store ornaments and bring them out when I decorate. As I hang the ornament, I can relive the memories of that trip. I just wanted to share this with my blog readers! The online version (of unedited stories) is quite a bit different than the version that appeared in the print version.


maggie moran said...

Holy Cow! I have a hard time decorating one tree, but 12! Thanks for the link and Merry Christams! :)

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

I also collect ornaments from our travels and all of the ornaments on my tree have a special memory.

I hope your mother is having a good day today. Merry Christmas!