Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Proximidade Award

Bill over at West in New England has given me the Proximidade Award. [Also Denise at Family Curator tagged me.] My biggest question is this: If the recipients of these "are not interested in prizes of self-aggrandizement" why are we continuing to send them on? Why are we even participating when we receive them? I'm honored to receive this award, but I'm really tired of these tagging memes. I much prefer the memes that let people choose whether or not they wish to participate. When most of your blogger friends have already been selected, it's really hard to find anyone left to pass the honor along. If you are reading this, have your own blog, and haven't been tagged in this meme, consider yourself a Proximidade recipient.

Time to go put those clothes in the dryer and another batch in the washer!

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