Monday, June 08, 2009

5 Year Blogiversary

Would you believe that this blog is 5 years old today? I actually created the first post in a workshop on blogging at the Association of Christian Librarians' annual conference. It is appropriate that this year's ACL conference begins this evening. I eventually decided to broaden the scope of my blog a bit, but genealogy has always been a big part of the blog.

I'm not really up at 3:01 a.m. (At least I hope I'm not.) I made this a scheduled post so that I wouldn't forget to mark this blogiversary which I'm very likely to have done since I'll be in Springfield, Missouri at the time it is posted.

P.S. "Blogiversary" is the correct spelling. Several have been spelling the term differently lately, but the official spelling is parallel to the word anniversary.


Janet Iles said...

Congratulations on blogging for five years. We looking forward to reading your blog for many years to come.

I hope you have a good time at your conference.

geneabloggers said...

Congratulations Lori! For some reason I didn't have your blogiversary listed over on the Geneabloggers Calendar but it is there now!

Thomas MacEntee

Becky said...

Five years! Wow!! Congratulations, Lori! That's really something. And, I lift my glass to five more.

Gini said...

Congratulations on your 5 year anniversay, look forward to seeing you there for many more.

Bill West said...

appy Blogoversary, Lori!