Saturday, June 06, 2009

Laundry & Packing

That's what has to be done the day before a trip. It's almost time for the Association of Christian Librarians annual conference. I will be flying to Springfield, Missouri tomorrow. If my friend is tied up with a meeting on Monday, I may have some time to kill. I decided to glance at the few Missouri branches I have and then to check the Springfield-Greene County Library to see if they had anything that would match my needs. I estimate that I could peruse the relevant resources in less than 30 minutes there. My branches were too far north to match the genealogical collection scope.

My great-great grandfather lived in Johnson County Missouri for about 3 years in the 1880s. There was nothing in their collection that was late enough to even make it worth searching for him or for the brother of my great grandfather who would have also been there with his father.

The other potential line was in Saline County. It's not my direct line, but DNA has shown that this group is related to my ancestors. There were a couple of books of records -- one of deeds and one of marriages -- that showed potential. They had a history of the county that had biographies, but that work is available on Internet Archive. There is one page of relevance specifically to the family besides the general county history which is also useful. However, there is no need to use that work in the library since I have access from the comfort of home!

I'm not really sure it is worth the trip to the library because the sources available there will be available elsewhere that would have a larger collection for Saline County. I'll probably just go explore a cemetery for a genealogy fix if my friend is tied up in a meeting.

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