Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bookstores Meme

Boston Bibliophile created an interesting meme about bookstores.

What's your favorite bookstore?
I love a lot of bookstores. I have two favorites in Knoxville. One is Borders. I know that is boring, but our Borders is actually better than the Barnes & Noble. My other favorite is McKays Used Books & CDs. I'm going to have to include some stores that are not bricks and mortar in my response though. At the genealogy conferences, I love browsing Craig's Heritage Books display. I do also occasionally order online from him. I probably use more than any other bookstore.

Have you ever traveled out of state or out of the country, just to visit a particular bookstore?
When I lived near a state line, I frequently shopped at bookstores on the other side of the state line.

Have you ever gone on a date to a bookstore? Would you consider a bookstore to be a romantic place?
I can't think of a date that only involved a bookstore. I have been on dates where we stopped for a short time in one. Romantic? I guess that depends on the company.

What's the latest you've stayed out at night at a bookstore?
Hmmmm . . . I'd say I've left Borders close to their closing time before which is 11 p.m.

Do you like to go with friends or by yourself?
All of the above.

What would your dream bookstore be like?
Lots of regional histories from various parts of the country, great mystery section, genealogical records books, good cookbooks section, good piano music selection, and other things as the mood strikes me!

What's your favorite specialty bookstore and what does it specialize in?
Heritage Books - Genealogy, of course.

Have you ever worked at a bookstore or wanted to? Do people ever mistake you for a bookstore employee and ask you questions as you browse?
I've never worked in a bookstore, but I'm a librarian -- and yes, I do get questions about books as I browse, but some of those are from people who know me from the library.

Do you like bookstore cafes? Would you consider a bookstore a social destination as opposed to strictly a retail destination?
Love them. I almost always get a specialty coffee to drink while I browse.

What's the silliest thing you've ever done in a bookstore? Ever been kicked out of one?
I've never been kicked out of one. I can't think of anything really silly I've done in one.

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