Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Are We Cousins?

Yesterday at work, I received an obituary notifying me of the death of our college/university's president's mother. (We're in the midst of a name change.) Her obituary identified her maiden name as Allred. When I first saw the obituary, it identified her birth place as Auburn, Mississippi. I knew that Auburn was a small community outside of Tupelo, but I quickly discovered that there is another Auburn in South Mississippi, and that is the one from which she hailed. My line is somewhat brickwalled at two brothers, James and Isaac, who were in west Tennessee/Mississippi/Alabama. I've been unable to identify their parents although I've seen the parents identified as all four sons of Solomon Allred who is believed to be the progenitor of almost all Southern Allred lines. A quick Google search which took me to the Allred Family Roster site leads me to believe that their line has already been matched up to Solomon. I suspect that I'll eventually be able to call our university president, "Cousin". I'm just going to have to spend some time digging through some early 19th century records to see what can be discovered about my own line before I can do it.

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