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Friday, November 23, 2012

Casper and Catherine Move to America

Hasler, Brian. Casper and Catherine Move to America: An Immigrant Family's Adventures, 1849-1850. Ill. by Angela M. Gouge. Introduction by Barbara Truesdell. Afterword by M. Teresa Baer. Indianapolis: Indiana Historical Society Press, 2003.

The story of the Hasler family's migration from Switzerland to Greene County, Indiana in the mid-19th century is passed on to a member of the current generation. An introduction offers commentary on oral histories and an afterword offers tips on pursuing more information through genealogical research. The information in the afterward is fairly general, and I was a bit disappointed that no mention was made of passenger list records and that the census example used was a published abstract rather than a microfilm or digital image copy. Still, this is a book which should create genealogical interest in younger persons.

This is part of the Friday series on children's literature and genealogy.


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