Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Scanner

Do you ever get frustrated when you can no longer use a perfectly good piece of technology just because it won't work with newer operating systems? That's exactly what happened with my scanner. I have a very good flatbed scanner that I cannot use with my new Windows Vista laptop just because HP didn't create a driver that would extend the life of that product. It was and still is a perfectly good scanner as long as I use it with XP. I guess I replaced my scanner and printer at the same time! (There's nothing wrong with the printer either for that matter.) However, the only scanners that can be easily found are the all-in-one variety. I know that I will miss some of the flatbed functionality for some things, but I will still be able to use the old scanner with my XP computer. My new scanner/printer is a Canon. (I refused to buy an HP since I'm mad at them for not creating a Vista driver. I know that Canon probably didn't upgrade all of their drivers either, but it's frustrating to have to spend more money on a peripheral device when your old one still works fine!)


Thomas MacEntee said...

Very frustrating in deed. I also find this with my work as a Software/Applications Analyst: companies place a product on "end of life" which means they won't support it after a certain date. It forces you to purchase their newer and usually more expensive product.

Have you thought about either a) donating the scanner to a non-profit that could use it or b) dropping it off at a recycle center?

footnoteMaven said...


This is one of the most frustrating experiences.

With the Mac, some companies are writing their programs for the newest operating system only. And I'm not sure I want to switch yet, but if I want that new software I'll have to.

Sitting under my desk is a legal document size scanner - no driver, Ugh!